Types of Background Checks

  • Verify the applicant’s identity and address information is correct.
  • Perform a credit history check to ensure acceptable credit.
  • Verify a clean criminal record as well as bankruptcy filing history.
  • Tenant screening: Ensure past rent was paid on time and no tenant laws were violated.
  • Pre – employment screening: Ensure his previous employment references are good, and include a character reference check.
  • Additional screening such as DMV driving history is provided by certain vendors.


  • Decrease the Risks in Hiring: 17% of organizations have experienced an incident that could have been avoiding if a background check was performed.
  • Increase Quality of Employees: Weeding out unqualified applicants will lead to an improved value in hires.
  • Ensure Compliance With Regulations: Screening programs work to help ensure that your organization’s hiring process is complying with local, state and federal guidelines.

What Sets Us Apart

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